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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is NomNom?
  2. NomNom is an online community designed to help you discover handcrafted meals from local startup food-makers. Not every aspiring chef has the resources to open their own physical restaurant. Our mission is to help talented food-makers share their passion for cooking with the people around them. All of our meals are made with love at certified commercial kitchens. Currently, we work within a pre-order and pick-up model. We have several pick-up locations around Oakland, but our main one is in uptown (24th & Broadway).

  3. Why do I have to order ahead?
  4. Our chefs cook their dishes in small batches and need to spend quality time preparing your meal. To minimize food waste, we ask that you order the night before.

  5. How do I pay?
  6. Payment is done via credit or debit card, and is conducted through a secure site. Your information is safe and will never be shared.

  7. Can I pay at the designated location listed?
  8. Unfortunately, the only payment option we currently have requires either a debit or credit card.

  9. What is your refund policy?
  10. If you need to cancel or modify an order, you can do so up to 24 hours before your pick-up time.

  11. Why do I have to create an account?
  12. Our team reaches out to customers through email to keep you updated on your meal(s).

  13. Do you deliver?
  14. Individual orders are pickup only, but we offer free delivery for orders with over 3 items.

  15. Does NomNom make the food?
  16. No, our team at NomNom is not responsible for making the food. There is a picture of the company logo/chef on every page. Click on the picture, and it will bring you to a detailed page describing the company and the artisans that make the food.

  17. I’m a chef, how can I list my dishes on NomNom?
  18. Thank you for your interest! We’re always looking for unique and exciting new dishes to offer. Contact us here.

  19. Do you cater?
  20. We can definitely help arrange catering! Contact us here for details.